What To Expect

We have various parking options at Church of the Canyons. Chances are good that you can follow the other cars, We have lower lots and upper lots. If you have any difficulty with inclines, we suggest you park in any of the grass areas. Handicap spaces are available directly across from the church building.

Once you park, you will proceed to the church building. Signs are posted all over campus offering direction to various locations. Once at the church doors, greeters can guide you to where you'd like to go. The campus is cozy and people are friendly, so you can always feel free to ask anyone for help.

There are 2 duplicate morning services. There are usually approximately 200 people in each service. The entire service is spoken in English, though our services are filled with people of all ethnicities.

The services are about 80 minutes long. They consist of music, announcements, greeting time, prayer, offering, occasional special videos highlighting different ministries, 1 time per month we have communion, and of course we have preaching every week. The sermons usually last between 30-50 minutes depending on the overall order of worship for that morning. 

The overall goal is that Church of the Canyons sets a table (different worship elements) at which you can come feast (engage in your own personal worship with God).

Most people say it feels like a family when they visit. It's a friendly environment with a casual vibe. There are greeters at the door who will offer you a bulletin and a "hello" and we take time before/between services and at the beginning of the service to greet one another.

Our goal is to make you feel welcome. Usually one of the pastors will ask visitors to raise their hand so that the ushers can pass you a welcome packet (an informational brochure, CD message, etc). You don't have to raise your hand, but it does help regular attenders know you're visiting and hopefully be able to help you with anything.

The range of attire is from casual to business. It's up to you. Although you will see some people in suits, you'll find many more in shorts, jeans or whatever else they feel comfortable wearing. Come as you are.

While giving money to the church is an act of personal worship, we don't expect you to give money as a visitor. You are free to give money but we'd prefer that you just enjoy the service and get to know us as we get to know you as well.

We have something for children of all ages: nursery, Sunday School, Youth Group . Only loving, kind and approved workers will be overseeing the care, safety, and teaching of your child. Parents whose children enjoy the nursery will also be given a silent pager to take with them into the service just in case the nursery worker needs the parent to come back to the nursery for any reason.

At Church of the Canyons we love music. Though Sundays vary, the music is usually presented by a worship team that consists of guitars, drums, bass, piano, keyboard, vocals, and percussion The lyrics to the songs are presented on a large screen.

Since we do not think any genre or era of music is "more spiritual" than others, our musical selections range from hymns to praise songs . In an effort to always be grateful for the gifts that God has given, we are always willing to try new styles/new songs. We try very hard to provide a feast at a banquet table of worship to God; it's up to you to come and eat. Even if you don't know the song or if we do it a little differently than you're used to, feel free to jump in with us or just sit and listen.

Everyone worships just a little bit differently than the next person. Some people do raise their hands and some people don't. If you want to lift your hands in praise to God, you are encouraged to do so, but certainly not required.

We're aware that everyone has different needs. You are always welcome to sit or stand as it is beneficial for you. The worship pastor will direct you and you always have the option of sitting or standing.

We have one consistent preacher, Pastor Bob, who teaches regularly and 5 other pastors/leaders that may preach 1-2 times a year. The sermons are always based on a passage in the Bible and are expositional in nature--meaning they explain the bible passage and seek to help you apply it to your life. You can also hear the sermons on line in the "Media" section if you'd like to sample a couple.

You don't have to bring a Bible or take notes, though both are highly encouraged. We have Bibles that you may borrow if you need one. A sermon outline is provided in the bulletin and usually up on the screen using power point. You'll find that most people take notes during the preaching.

We have communion approximately once a month at Church of the Canyons. Communion is a time for the congregation together to take time to pray and confess sin to God and worship Him to say "Thank You" to God for His Son Jesus' death and resurrection and grace through faith.

After a short reminder about the above, while you stay seated, the ushers will pass the bread & juice among the congregation while there is a time of musical worship.  After the elements have been passed out the devotional leader will come and pray and we will take the elements together.

Gluten free bread is available in the back of the sanctuary at the tech booth.

We do have HVAC units and we try to use the climate control in a way that makes it comfortable for the majority of the people. If it's hot outside, we have the air conditioner on. If it's cold outside, we have the heater on.