About Us

Church of the Canyons was started by 5 families in 1969 and we are still just one large extended family.

Our church isn't the walls we meet within on Sunday and throughout the week--but rather it is the people that are learning and growing together, loving one another through good times and bad, and worshiping and serving together. We are here to continue the mission our Savior Jesus Christ gave us to spread the good-news (the "gospel") that man can be made right with God his Creator through Jesus' work on the cross.

Our mission is to lovingly proclaim Jesus to everyone and teach believers how to love, obey, and serve Him. That mission flows from our beliefs and all our different ministries are centered around that mission. We hope you will come join us on a Sunday for our worship service, or one of the many ministries hosting special events and regular meetings throughout the week.

God bless you and we hope to meet you soon.