PST Covenant

Covenant for the Pastor Search Team of Church of the Canyons

The members of the Pastor Search Team (PST) of Church of the Canyons (COC) have been selected to this highest trust and responsibility in discerning God’s will for the church. Our deliberations and recommendations have great potential influence in the future of the church’s direction, impact, spiritual fitness, and ministry in Christ’s church.

In light of this, we solemnly and gladly enter the following covenant together and before the Lord:

Covenant of Spiritual Preparation
We agree to make Bible study and prayer ongoing priorities in our life. We agree to pray both individually and as a team, daily for each team member, our church leaders, and for the work of the church.

Covenant of Honest Communication
We will speak openly and honestly with one another without taking offense. We realize that we need the opportunity to “think aloud” in order to help sort out impressions and responses as we study our church’s needs and evaluate potential candidates.

Covenant of Confidentiality
We will treat with confidentiality all PST discussion and evaluations regarding specific potential candidates. We will deal responsibly with privileged information. We will agree as a team on appropriate process and progress reports to the elders and the church congregation. We will not publicly criticize the perspectives or decisions of any other members of our team.

Covenant of Accountability
We will proceed with ethical sensitivity and thoroughness in all investigative and evaluative procedures in the consideration of any pastor candidate. If a potential candidate has been engaged in conversation and is later dropped from consideration, we will notify him tactfully in writing. We recognize our accountability to our church and to God for our decisions.

Covenant of Unity
We will present to the church for its consideration only such recommendations as we can fully support as a team. Where there are honest differences of opinion, we covenant to work these out before making a recommendation to the elders and the congregation.

Covenant of Faithfulness
We agree to remain faithful to the COC and the Lord in this task. We will persevere through challenges or setbacks, joys or triumphs, whatever God may bring. God is sovereign and knows the man who He has for COC, and we will be diligent, by the Spirit’s power, to find the man together.

Therefore, we enter into this covenant with our Lord, being led by the Spirit, in order to faithfully discern His will in the calling and selection of a pastor to our church.